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Choosing the Best Breed of Dog for Older Owners

Dogs can offer the older generation great companionship. However, choosing the best breed of dog for older owners can be difficult. It’s best to choose a dog breed that doesn’t need a great amount of exercise. Dog breeds that are considered “hypoallergenic” are also great for those older owners who may have allergies.

The poodle is a great dog breed for older owners. It comes in three sizes – standard, miniature or toy. The miniature or toy is the best choice for size for an older owner. The miniature poodle stands at 15 inches or under at the shoulders and the toy poodle stands at 10 inches or under. What makes this dog breed one of the best for older owners is not only their smaller size but their coats, which are hypoallergenic because the coat is made of hair instead of fur. Poodles also do well living in apartments or smaller living spaces.

The Yorkshire Terrier is also a great breed for older owners. They’re on the small size and require very limited exercise. They do, however, need and enjoy daily contact with people. Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies, are also highly adaptable and travel well. They can also live in small spaces or apartments.

Miniature Schnauzers also do well living in apartments and are adaptable. Their trainability and intelligence also make them great pets for older owners. Schnauzers also shed very little, which means less housework.

It’s the Pomeranian’s temperament that makes it a great dog breed for older owners. They’re lovable, joyful and love receiving attention from its owners. They’re also very intelligent and live to please their owners. Because of their small size, they need very little exercise.

Another dog breed with a happy, lovable nature is the English Toy Spaniel. Its size makes it easily adaptable to living in an apartment and it requires little exercise. It’s also easy to groom and intelligent.

The Maltese and the Havanese are also two of the best dog breeds for older owners. They’re both highly intelligent and trainable, but their best quality is an affectionate nature. These dogs have some energy, but do well with short walks. The coats of the Maltese and Havanese is “hypoallergenic” so it’s also an ideal dog for older owners with allergies.